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Facebook Has Added New Features to Your Business Suite Application

Facebook va proposer la planification des stories sur sa plateforme Business Suite. © Facebook
Facebook added story planning, and “Business Discovery” options to it's Business Suite platform.

An important event for SMM (Social Media Manager) and SMA (Social Media Ads Manager).

Today, Facebook announced the arrival of new features to it’s Business Suite management platform, including story planning for Facebook and Instagram, as well as a new business discovery process from the feed.

Arrivée De La Planification Des Stories

Story planning is a big announcement: Facebook has launched a new option in Business Suite, it’s latest business page management platform will be active from September 2020 that allows users to compose and schedule Facebook and Instagram stories in the planning element.

Planification de Story Facebook
Planning the Stories © Facebook

As you can see above, the new option allows you to create stories in the app and then schedule their upload to both Facebook and Instagram. These scheduled posts will appear in the content calendar in the Business Suite application.

This is the first time Facebook has offered story planning. In one of it’s other management tools, Creator Studio, you can schedule flux and Video Post (IGTV) publications on both apps but not stories.

Third-party tools already offer workarounds like Kontentino, but native scheduling is a big upgrade to the process, allowing you to better map your overall content strategy using a single calendar tool across Facebook and IG.

Facebook Stories
Facebook offers story planning on it’s Business Suite platform. © Facebook

New Features to Connect to Users

Create and Save Facebook and Instagram Posts as Drafts

As you can see in this example, Facebook also allows Business Suite users to save their Facebook and Instagram post as drafts, adding even more story scheduling flexibility.

With the increasing use of the Stories format, more and more brands are looking to incorporate the portrait format, more suitable for mobile, into their outreach strategy and for that reason it makes sense that Facebook provides more planning for brands in order to maximize their approach to stories.

A New Discovery Option

Through the recommendations of pages similar to the ones you are looking at, the social network will add a new element of business discovery. This new process opens associated content when users interact with a business post. Users have access to a new list of similar and competing image streams to the ones they are exploring.

Facebook Has Added New Features to Your Business Suite Application 1

Facebook says the new recommendations appear under posts related to topics like beauty, fitness and clothing, as well as restaurants, allowing users to explore related business content.

Interact As FB PAGE

For the first time, business pages can interact on their behalf, for example by commenting, posting and liking as a company. With a new news feed dedicated to company pages, separate from their personal profile, companies will be able to interact more easily with their community and find relevant content from other pages.

Facebook Business Page

The “Call Now” Function in Advertising Ads

The arrival of a “Call Ads” CTA button, which allows advertisers to be contacted in real time through their ads including a Call Now button. They can then choose to be called quickly avoiding WhatsApp or Messenger messaging. According to social media, the new call optimization goal can help improve ad performance and reduce cost per call.

Facebook Has Added New Features to Your Business Suite Application 2

The New “Conversion Leads” Goal for Lead Ads

It allows advertisers to optimize leads that are more likely to convert into pure volume, connecting them to the best leads faster. In addition to this new optimization, advertisers can also integrate their CRM data with FB. According to the Californian social media, the ads increased the lead-to-sales conversion rate by 20% compared to the existing optimization.

This transition leads to a significant change in the behavior of users and advertisers, including SMEs and large companies. The ability to avoid paid tools for programming stories, easy management of company pages ..

All of these new features facilitate communication and business transaction needs thru allowing Facebook to strengthen its essential social media position.

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