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Total Autonomy on Modifications

BL Digital uses the best plugins to create unique and personalized web pages giving you complete autonomy in the management of your website. Programming knowledge is no longer required, you can easily edit your pages, add images, fill them with content, and more with editing systems similar to word processing software. Quick and intuitive management.

Elementor Visual Page Builder

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Fast Loading

Our themes are designed to load quickly and improve web performance.

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Accessibility for All

BL Digital makes your website accessible to people with visual impairments, compliant with the recommendations of the W3C and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Google SEO Positioning

The best positioning for all relevant keywords is possible with our different SEO formulas (Search Engine Optimization).

Responsive Tablet, Mobile

Our websites are completely “responsive”, adapted to all sizes of tablets, phones and PCs with an intuitive interface.

Shop Online

We Create Your Virtual Showcase

Online sales websites (WooCommerce) are intended for the sale of products and services. They make these activities practical and accessible. Selling services, digital and physical products, managing inventory and shipping, making secure payments and automatically generating invoices is easy thanks to the automated systems put in place by BL Digital.

A Custom Website

We work closely with you to understand your goals and to develop the entire business plan. Discover and create opportunities that deliver lasting value.

Multi-Lingual Website

Visitors prefer to browse websites - for information or to purchase goods and services - in their native language. A multilingual website helps build trust and engagement.

Fantastic Animations

From downloading animations to modal windows (popups) and smooth navigation, BL Digital offers to your visitors a unique experience.

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Temi & Premium Plugin Included

All our offers include premium themes and plugins with license and regular updates.

Safety and Performance

We can continuously monitor your website infrastructure and respond to any issues as they arise.

Dedicated Support

A successful website is a dynamic website. Having a proactive approach to create content for your website is essential to ensure you reach your target audience. BL Digital collaborates with  your business to support its growing web presence. We offer the following support services:

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Hosting Premium

Your website needs a nice, warm and a happy place to live in. With hosting services like Kinsta, the Ferrari of hosting, you can be sure that it will be well maintained.

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Just like a proper home or car maintenance, it is essential that your website maintenance ensures a maximum performance.

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Online Support

Send an email or an app message to our online customer support system and the website maintenance request will automatically be added to one of our developer or designer activity lists.

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Photo & Video ©

Looking for photographic or video equipment? BL Digital offers its bank of photos and videos entirely under copyright.

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GDPR compliance

GDPR is the data privacy in the EU that affects the entire corporate website that collects data on European citizens. Compliance is key to avoiding fines, and BL digital takes care of everything.

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Agenda management

Manage your appointments directly with a software from the website by automatically updating your agenda.

A Professional Graphic

Your website comes with a wide range of amazing pre-designed internal layouts that can be applied for a variety of practical uses.

They Trust Us

Each client and project is unique.

Giuseppe Trizzino
Giuseppe Trizzino
@praesidium international
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When in need of renewing my company's website I was introduced to Lila by a common friend. She immediately demonstrated one of her characteristic traits and that is to fully dedicate herself into the projects she is assigned. She assisted and advised us in a very professional way and was always available when needed. The output was in the end extremely good and it was just a formality to allow her to continue with the necessary website maintenance and improvement process. Lila also was crucial in allowing the company name to rise in the research rankings which is something quite useful these days. I personally highly recommend Lila to anyone in need of building up or renewing their website.
Studio Angioletti Casiglia
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Azienda efficiente ed estremamente competente! Non siamo dei geni del computer e loro sono sempre lì per aiutarci e guidarci. I siti sono strutturati in modo chiaro e intuitivo e grazie al nostro nuovo sito, i clienti ci trovano facilmente e ne abbiamo acquisiti anche di nuovi. Sono passati ormai oltre 10 mesi da quando abbiamo affidato a loro le redini del business digitale e non abbiamo rimpianti! Il feedback dal mio sito è molto positivo. Grazie.
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Fantastic service , very efficient and professional. Excellent communication and I’m delighted with the result! BL knew what I wanted and she was patient and attentive. Excellent
Boucherie Vitamines
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BL Digital est une agence très sérieuse. Lila est à l'écoute, disponible et ultra réactive. Je recommande à 100% pour la création de site, la gestion de référencement et les conseils!
Rome Utile
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Nous sommes rentrés en contact avec BL Digital pour réaliser notre nouveau site web. Nous avons tout de suite adoré le rendu, la qualité de la prestation également. Ils sont très facilement joignable et professionnels. Je recommande cette agence pour vos réalisations de site internet.