Our Ethics

Since its launch in 2019, BL Digital has operated under a strict ethical policy that guarantees our editorial independence and integrity.

Earning and maintaining the trust of our readers is, and always will be, at the heart of BL Digital’s mission. In a world where information is distributed across countless platforms and formats, it is more important than ever to promote clear ethical guidelines that let the public know where information comes from and whether it is reliable.


Our most valuable asset is independence which allows us to publish articles without fear.

BL Digital addresses current events and regularly critiques people and companies directly.


Despite all efforts to be precise in our articles, sometimes we are wrong. If we discover an error in a post, our editors will promptly post a correction that will remove the inaccurate information and add a correction notice that explains the error. In some cases, such as if an inaccuracy is contained in a video, we may need to remove the original content and replace it with a version in which the error is omitted.

Additionally, we may remove content if we believe it infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party, otherwise violates the rights of a third party, or violates any applicable law or regulation.


We sometimes use affiliate links in our content. It won’t cost you anything but it helps us offset the cost of paying our editorial staff. Thanks for your help!

This is because some of our content may contain marketing links, which means that we will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. In our editorial content, these affiliate links appear automatically, and our editorial teams are not influenced by our affiliate partnerships. BL Digital is working to optimize certain content for affiliate revenue, and such content is marked as such by including similar affiliate link disclosure.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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Advising our audience on the best way to spend their time and money is one of our most important responsibilities. Our reviews always contain honest and independent assessments of our editorial team. Like everything we publish, there are no paid reviews written by the BL Digital editorial team.