Butcher Website Vitamines

The Customer

Located in the northern districts of Marseille, Vitamines is one of the leaders in the sector of halal supermarkets and butchers as a convenience store. The structure has all the food necessary to satisfy all of its customers.

In addition to offering a full-line of oriental groceries, fresh produce, meats and cold cuts, Vitamines is also a fresh fruit and vegetable provider to restaurants. Its emphasis on providing thoughtful  service and everyday value has established it as a household name in the communities it serves.

For years, Vitamines had focused primarily on internal operations, by selecting high-quality products and expanding its sales area. This emphasis on value creation was its greatest marketing asset. However, its lack of emphasis on digital marketing placed it at a distinct disadvantage.

The Challenge

Web Design

New Website


Google MyBusiness


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Google Integration

Analytics et Console

Vitamines concentrated few resources in digital marketing and was limited to standard weekly inserts, occasional communications with radio spots, and in-store signage.

The competition in the food retail industry is simply cut-throat. This crowded market offers a full range of outlets, including discount chains, restockers, big-box supermarkets and speciality markets.

All compete for the consumer’s limited purchase dollars while facing extremely slim margins, high inventory costs and stringent health and safety regulations. Vitamines, therefore, found itself wedged between the big chains and the specialty retailers at low price.

The Success

Having had no web presence, BL Digital was tasked with designing a One Page Website optimized for Organic SEO, a presence via Google MyBusiness and Facebook.

Vitamines wanted an easily accessible showcase site for all types of customers. The main challenge was to gain an advantage over local butcher shops and supermarkets, which have had a presence on the internet for many years, in order to increase in-store visits and sales despite this intense competition.

We have implemented a fierce local SEO, which has allowed the site to rank on the first page of Google in local organic search. The site is easily accessible on all types of devices. We gave it a fresh and complete look by showing customers what this store has to offer them and the wide range of products it offers, while providing quick and easy accessibility to the store.