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Le Client

Praesidium International specializes in the provision of a wide array of consultancy solutions for marine and land environments. On a daily basis our experts provide assistance in the fields of risk consultancy, maritime security, travel & fixed site security, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity and offshore vessels & operational management among the main.


Les Challenges

Web Design

Full Redesign


Google MyBusiness


GDPR & CCPA Compliant







Google Integration

Analytics and Console


Digital Strategy

Our primary challenge was to sort through the information from the old website and then structure the current information for the new website. Telling a story visually is the best way to convey complex technology in an easy to understand way. We work closely with Praesidium to fully understand what its business does, the problem their technology solves and the process of how it works. We then turn this understanding into a strong brand identity and translate its technology into visuals and copy that are both impactful and easily understood by technical and non-technical people alike.

L'Ancien Site

Praesidium International


Le Succès

BL Digital carried through the honeycomb visual across the website redesign, kept the visual on-brand, and overhauled the content to communicate better what Praesidium had to offer. The goal of the site redesign was to provide a clear picture of their services to better inform customers about their solutions leading to better conversions.

Le Design n'est Pas
Juste un Détail

BL Digital was able to help us to define, build and launch the website and provide us with the confidence that we can adapt and upgrade the site easily and quickly as the business behind it grows



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When in need of renewing my company's website I was introduced to Lila by a common friend. She immediately demonstrated one of her characteristic traits and that is to fully dedicate herself into the projects she is assigned. She assisted and advised us in a very professional way and was always available when needed. The output was in the end extremely good and it was just a formality to allow her to continue with the necessary website maintenance and improvement process. Lila also was crucial in allowing the company name to rise in the research rankings which is something quite useful these days. I personally highly recommend Lila to anyone in need of building up or renewing their website.

Giuseppe Trizzino
CEO of Praesidium International